Theses and Major Research Papers Completed by Students in the
Collaborative Graduate Program in Transitional Justice and Post-Conflict Reconstruction
Bayor, Isaac 2021 PhD, Political Science How can Local Transitional Justice Mechanisms Work Towards Measures of Non-Recurrence?
Lefurgey, Mayme 2021 PhD, GSWS Turned on its Head: Elicitive peacebuilding and non-rational approaches to post-conflict reconciliation
Nimigan, Sarah 2021 PhD, Political Science The Problems Facing the International Criminal Court: African Perspectives
Agroam, Floranda 2020 MA, Political Science Syrian Refugees in Canada Transition to Resettlement: Through the Perspectives of Housing, Income, Female Resettlement, and Mental Health
Lamanna, Sabrina 2020 MA, GSWS  Overcoming Settler-Colonial Power Relations: An Investigation of the Relationship between the ‘Politics of Recognition’ and Reclaiming Power and Place: The National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls
Lambert, Tammy 2020 PhD, Political Science The Goldstone Commission in South Africa’s Transition: Linking Gradual Institutional Change and Information-Gathering Institutions
Hinan, Tamara 2020 PhD, Political Science Exhuming norms: Investigating forced disappearances in Ireland and internationally
Poon, Jenny 2020 PhD, Law Safeguarding the Principle of Non-Refoulement in Europe: Counteracting Containment Policies in the Common European Asylum System
Anderson, Amaru 2019 MA, History  Colonel Garnet Wolseley and the Expansion of Surveillance in the British Empire, 1869-1885
Pinkham, Jayme 2019 MA, History  The Continued War against Women: Bosnia’s Failure to Bring Justice to Rape Victims
Brabaharan, Thurka 2019 MA, Political Science The Sino-Lankan Relationship: Challenging Liberal Foundations of Transitional Justice
Callahan, Melinda 2019 MA, Political Science Theories of Foucault and Agamben: the Issues of Borders and Sovereignty”
Spear Chief-Morris, Joy 2019 MA, Political Science Indigenous Land Claims and Reconciliation: The Importance of Land and Relationship between Indigenous Nations and the Government of Canada
Brown, Emma 2019 MA, Sociology The Effect of the Analyst-Officer Relationship on Crime Analysis: Experiential Knowledge vs. Data-Driven Decisions
Stefanik, Kirsten 2019 PhD, Law Improving Civilian Protection during War through Conflict-Specific Behavioural Regulation of Combatants
Hillard, Emily 2018 MA, Political Science Indigenous Genocide in Canada
Trafford, John 2018 MA, Political Science Genocide in Rwanda
Beier, Merlin 2018 MA, Political Science The Failure of Ethnic Federalism
Ghebrai, Sam 2018 MA, Sociology I think we created a criminal: Examining the consequences of surveillance in Intensive Supervision Programs
Hendsbee, Lucas 2018 MA, Sociology Corporate Social Responsibility and Wokewashing
Burke, Andrea 2018 MA, WSFR Gender and Land Rights in Post-Conflict Tanzania
Cullen, Laura 2018 MA, WSFR The Role of Women as Victims and Combatants in the Conflict (including as “bush wives”) and their Non/Recognition in DDR
Bigras-Dutrisac, Hélène 2017 MA, WSFR Re-envisioning "Little Red Riding Hood", Feminist, Postcolonial lens, Anti-racism, Indigenous feminisims, Decolonization
Biskupski-Mujanovic, Sandra 2017 MA, WSFR Post-conflict justice initiative by women
Dhaliwal, Hardeep 2017 MA, Political Science International Law and Transitional Justice
Greco, Matthew 2017 MA, History Historical and contemporary human rights violations/issues in relation to disabled people
Guzzi, Daniella 2017 MA, Political Science Gendered Structural Inequalities in Conflict and Post-Conflict Contexts
Hoyos, Christopher 2017 MA, Political Science Truth commissions, human rights, Columbia
Muzima, Anaïse 2017 MA, LLM Human rights, Child soldiers, Terrorism, Africa
Silfo, Lokuju Arkanjelo 2017 MA, Political Science State formation, democratization, ethnic division
Caldwell, John 2016 MA, Political Science A Self-Undermining Paradigm: A Critique of America’s Liberal Internationalist Framing of Transitional Justice
Mohamed, Surer 2016 MA, Political Science "Doing Justice to Justice? Entanglements with Hegemony and Transitional Justice"
Tuczynski, Nicole 2016 MA, Political Science Examining the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia:  Has it achieved its objectives?
Wnuk, Jessica 2016 MA, WSFR India’s Daughter: Violence Against Women in India and the Legacy of Colonialism
Damstra, Jacob 2015 MA, History/J.D., Law Canada's Court? Canadian Diplomacy at the Rome Conference and the Making of International Criminal Law
 Lamoureux, Désirée 2015 PhD, French La dialectique du bourreau : étude du bourreau nazi dans la littérature contemporaine française
Cody, Caylee 2015 MA, Sociology The Social Costs of Industrial Growth in the SubArctic Regions of "Canada"
Kur, Malith 2015 MA, Theology New Pardigm for South Sudan: The Christian Contribution to South African TRC
Bejtic, Narcis 2015 MA, Political Science Transitional Justice in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Examining the Efforts of Post-Conflict Statebuilding, Transitional Justice and Reconciliation
Howsam, Jessica 2015 MA, Political Science The Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission: Healing, Reconciliation, Resolution? 
Ephgrave, Nicole 2015 PhD, WSFR Sexual Violence at Nyarubuye: History, Justice, Memory.  A Case Study of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide
Ward, Rachael 2015 MA, History We will not forget you: The Morality of Continued Nazi Hunting
Schloss, Daniel 2015 MA, Political Science Elusive Peace, Security, and Justice in Post-Conflict Guatemala: An Exploration of Transitional Justice and the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG)
Andrew, Rachael 2014 MA, Political Science Hybrid Models of Justice and Rwanda’s Post-Genocide Response
Stefanik, Kirsten 2013 LLM, Law Restoring Humanity to Humanitarian Law: Borrowing from Environmental Law to Protect Civilians and the Environment
Schmidt, Leah 2013 MA, Political Science Success or Failure? Evaluating the Effectiveness of The Missing Women Inquiry
Biring, Kelsi 2013 MA, Political Science Local Ownership, Local Engagement and the Gacaca Courts: The Impact of Legal Pluralism on Rwanda’s Transitional Justice Process