Graduate Student Researchers Affiliated with Centre for Transitional Justice and Post-Conflict Reconstruction

Name Program Home Department/Faculty
Anderson, Amaru MA History
Anfaara, Florence PhD WSFR
Basso, Andrew Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Political Science
Bayor, Isaac PhD Political Science
Biskupski-Mujanovic, Sandra PhD WSFR
Brabaharan, Thurka MA Political Science
Brown, Emma MA Sociology
Callahan, Melinda MA Political Science
Cuneo, Emma MA English
Deschutter, Debra MA History
Dover, Sarah LLM Law
Espejo, Maria Paula PhD Hispanic Studies
Ghebrai, Sam PhD Sociology
Hiadzi, Wonder MA Hispanic Studies
Hinan, Tamara PhD Political Science
Lambert, Tammy PhD Political Science
Lefurgey, Mayme PhD WSFR
Menzies, Sarah MA English
Nimigan, Sarah PhD Political Science
Pettit, Andrew PhD Kinesiology
Pinkham, Jayme MA History
Snooks, Gina PhD WSFR
Spear Chief-Morris, Joy MA Political Science
Stoiber, Veronica MA Hispanic Studies
Trafford, John PhD Political Science
Wales, Shirley PhD Law